Landscape Things to know!


Stop The Growth of Weeds In Your Landscape!

Don't let annual weeds ruin the look of your lawn.  We recommend to apply a pre-emergent product from mid-February to early March for best results! Put down a pre-emergence herbicide to stop them before they sprout.

When To Start Mowing

We recommend to start mowing the grass as soon as you start seeing any growth, for us Texans that's typically in mid March. We don't want to let the grass get too overgrown because that when thatching begins to happen. Thatch is old grass stems/ roots that begin to prevent air,  water, and nutrients to get into the lawn.

When To Start Trimming The Hedges

Most of the pruning/trimming of hedges and trees starts in early spring or late winter which is late February, or early march. With our clients we like to keep a clean landscape look at all times so we continue shaping up the shrubs every 2-3 months.

When to fertilize

 Start feeding your grass as the weather warms up, in  Texas this is typically late March or early April and in some cases early may. Make sure you use the correct type of fertilizer for the correct lawn type.

Aerate Hard Soils

Summer is a great time to aerate. Aeration allows air, moisture, and nutrients to reach the lawns root easier